AIMP votes

Play audio in multiple formats and from different sources
Shadow-Box — Last year
Pretty good player :)
Carsten Ibsen — 3 years ago
Best audio player for Windows. Foobar is my second choice.
Tanka — 3 years ago
AIMP is the best audio player!
Daniel — 3 years ago
Neat audioplayer very similiar to Winamp.
Marko Djordjevic — 3 years ago
Best program ever for audio files. Using it for years.
Sadegh yazdan panah — 4 years ago
I can't turn off Repeat while playing one song in the newest version.
alteral — 5 years ago
Good software! Perfect player I use it everyday.
Muhammad Waqas — 6 years ago
Guest — 7 years ago
Master Of Puppets — 6 years ago
Better than winamp
mehmet — 7 years ago
Very good
Fido Dido™ — 7 years ago
Excellent in everything
BullBash — 7 years ago
Escalion — 7 years ago
Best Audio Player
miki — 7 years ago
Very good!!
Guest — 8 years ago
MON@H — 8 years ago
Best player
Xandrel — 8 years ago
Great Player
Guest — 8 years ago
perfect audio
Guest — 8 years ago
Very simple, but useful player
Guest — 8 years ago
somon — 8 years ago
Robert Hipp — 8 years ago
the best player out there
Guest — 8 years ago
Guest — 8 years ago
love it
ArxARV — 8 years ago
Very convenient! ALL-IN-ONE!
Marko — 8 years ago
best player ever
Guest — 8 years ago
kale — 8 years ago
best audio player
Marko Sučić — 9 years ago
Free without registration and with many tools
Guest — 9 years ago
The better WinAmp ;-)
Nomad Soul — 9 years ago
Exellent everyday audio player.
Guest — 9 years ago
its the best music player i ever used
Felix — 9 years ago
Tigran Ulikhanyan — 8 years ago
Very simple and fast player. Very nice and easy to use
voku — 9 years ago
I think, it is faster than the Windows Media Thing and better than Winamp...
Kuba — 9 years ago
It's an unusual program to play your favourite songs!
Guest — 9 years ago
is a great media player and very simple and is free!
Guest — 9 years ago
quick and easy utility
eagavrilov — 10 years ago
best player
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