AIMP 2.1

AIMP2 is a free music player with many options and accessories
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AIMP2 is a free music player with many options and accessories.
AIMP2 Utilities comes with the player and is a very good complement to it.

The user interface is a complete playing display showing two excellent analog VUmeters (very realistic) and a graphic bar level meter. It comes with a graphic equalizer that can be hidden once is adjusted to the desired settings.

Every text caption and small button on the interface has its own action to offer: options, utilities, sound recorder, tag editor, etc. as well as all the available information on the music track being played.

The user interface is clear, small and movable and even minimizable, staying visible but very reduced. Multilanguage support for over 30 languages. There are customizable hot keys for the user to set and use directly from the keyboard.

Sound quality is very good and the graphic equalizer is sensitive and has eighteen channels, as well as speed, tempo, pitch, etc. controls. It supports most of all the audio formats, as well as plugins, coder, etc.

The application also includes a sound recorder with adjustable sound quality and selectable input sound source.

Ignacio Solves
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  • Very small application with a lot of possibilities. It uses minimum system resources


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