AIMP 4.51

Plays multimedia files with built-in online radio and playlist support
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Play a wide range of audio and video files on the desktop PCs. It supports Internet radio, playlists, 32-bit audio processing, album art display, and skins for the main UI. The player's functionality can be customized through 3rd party plug-ins.

AIMP is an audio player that also has other features. Thus, in addition to rendering audio with probably the best quality available in Windows, the tool can also help you maintain a music library with support of tag editing. Likewise, it can rip audio CDs, grab streaming audio and convert between formats.

The player’s interface is quite compact and minimalistic, and if you do not like the default skin, you can easily switch to another, or even download additional ones. While playing audio, the program does not disappear completely, as it leaves a small icon in the system tray, which provides visual feedback as to what is being played and so on.

The installer is quite light for a tool supporting so many features. Conveniently, you are allowed to create a portable version to use from your USB device or anywhere else. When it runs for the first time, the player automatically scans the folders where music is generally kept to build a library. However, if you feel it is taking too long or interfering with your computer’s performance you can cancel the scan at any time. Luckily, you can manage file tags using the built-in editor, which offers the possibility of downloading song lyrics.

AIMP supports a surprising number of more than 50 audio formats, some of which are hardly ever played by other similar programs. Likewise, it can play audio CDs and Internet radio streams. Its audio converter allows transcoding between the most popular formats. Luckily, it now supports MP3, which had been out of the list because of its former proprietary status. The player can also record whatever is being played, even if the source is online.

The best part of AIMP is related to the quality of its audio engine, which uses 32-bit processing. Fortunately, it puts the users in control of their listening experience, mostly thanks to its 18-band equalizer. Yet, if you do not know much about equalization, you can load any of the available presets. Good news is that it also supports applying effects, such as normalization, chorus, reverb, flanger, bass, enhance, pitch, tempo, and speed.

Last but not least, AIMP allows scheduling events. This feature comes in handy when you want your computer to shut down automatically at a given time or on a particular event, like reaching the end of the playlist. It also lets you schedule an alarm with your preferred audio file.

All in all, AIMP is probably the best audio player available and, luckily, it is absolutely free. The program has an impressive set of features, which can even be expanded by installing plugins. In my opinion, its only disadvantage is that, even though it supports playing audio tracks of video files, it does not allow you to watch a video, something that general-purpose media players can do.

Pedro Castro
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  • High-quality audio output
  • 18-band equalizer
  • Plugin support
  • Captures streaming audio
  • Built-in tag editor
  • Built-in audio format converter
  • Long list of supported formats
  • Built-in event scheduler


  • Cannot play video
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