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Plays multimedia files with built-in online radio and playlist support
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Play a wide range of audio and video files on the desktop PCs. It supports Internet radio, playlists, 32-bit audio processing, album art display, and skins for the main UI. The player's functionality can be customized through 3rd party plug-ins.

More than just a simple audio player, AIMP is like a Swiss Army knife for your audio files. It provides you with an audio library, a tag editor, an audio converter, a sound engine to edit your files, an audio recorder, and a playlist editor all in one compact and nice-looking utility. It supports all the most common audio file formats, and it lets you listen to and capture your favorite radio stations.

AIMP is, first of all, a very attractive tool. Its interface design is superb, adding a sophisticated touch to your music collection. On the functionality side, as mentioned above, this audio utility is highly versatile. It is actually a set of audio-related programs all packed up in a nice and very convenient way. Given its comprehensiveness, one would expect such a tool to include a true audio editor, complete with a waveform-based graphical interface where the user could easily edit the file. Instead, we’re provided with a set of excellent sound enhancing tools, such as a graphical equalizer, an audio mixer, a volume normalizer, a set of sound effects (echo, chorus, flanger, reverb, tempo, speed, pitch, etc.), and a non-editable waveform of the audio track as part of the audio player.

The library, it provides to help you keep your collection neatly organized, is one of its main assets. Not only it is really nice to look at, but it also displays a wealth of information about your favorite tracks. It includes a playlist editor and a tag editor, and it even provides you with useful data about your playback statistics.

Finally, the audio converter. This utility will let you re-encode any audio file in your library into APE, MP3, FLAC, Ogg, WAV, or WMA, among others. It can convert individual files or batches of files into one output format (multi-format conversion is not supported), which you can customize to fit your preferences. As a bonus, the tool comes with Audio CD Grabber to rip any of your audio CDs and add its tracks to your library.

AIMP is open-source and, therefore, is absolutely free. If you happen to be looking for a more comprehensive audio tool than your default Windows Media Player, AIMP is an excellent option to consider.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Includes an audio converter
  • Listen to your favorite radio stations
  • Captures streaming audio
  • Offers a comprehensive tag editor
  • Support for the more common audio codecs


  • Lacks a true waveform-based file editor
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