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AIMP is a fast and compact audio player and converter
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AIMP is not just another audio player. It’s my favorite one because behind its seemingly simple interface there are a lot of hidden features. What I like the most about this player is how quick it can start playing a file. It happens due to two reasons: firstly, it loads very fast and secondly, it may run hidden in the system tray, even when no audio is being played. The application supports practically every existing audio format. Besides, this tool allows opening some video formats but with the limitation that it can play only their audio tracks.

The player is appropriate for all kinds of users. A beginner can use it without difficulty to open a file, create playlists and perform other simple operations. However, for advanced users or those who like to explore a program potential to the full, there is much more. This is the case of various effects, such as fading, normalizing volume and voice removal. It is good to know that the program can also be used to convert audio formats. And if you are not satisfied with the features coming with its installation package, you have the choice of downloading additional plugins.

I was also interested in AIMP scheduler. In this regard, the tool allows setting a specific time for the program to close itself or shut the system down altogether. However, this feature doesn’t seem to work right. Once, I set the player to shut Windows down after playing a single song, but the program immediately asked me back if I wanted to perform the operation even when no song had already been played.

In general, AIMP is a great player with a superb interface. It’s one of those applications I wouldn't hesitate to recommend to everyone. My advice: try it and see for yourself.

Pedro Castro
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  • It opens files quickly
  • It is easy to use
  • It has a great interface
  • It supports almost every audio format
  • It can convert between audio formats
  • It supports plugins


  • Some things about the scheduler don't function correctly
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